Final Factory blends factory building with a rich universe to explore. Build a vast network of automated space stations and command a massive fleet against the hostile local aliens. Custom design spaceships. Discover new technologies and unlock the secrets of an ancient civilization as you explore an infinite cosmos.


Final Factory Development

After discovering and playing Factorio for hundreds of hours, Ben was inspired to create his own entry in the automation gennre. Development began on Final Factory in 2018. Originally it was planned as a crossover between Starcraft and Factorio, but traditional RTS elements fell off over time. The game has evolved to have its own unique automation gameplay and combat systems.

Technical History

The game is written in C# and Unity. In early 2020, the game was rewritten from the ground up using Unity DOTS to leverage the burst compiler and ECS framework in order to attain the high level of performance necessary in large automation games.


  • Design a vast production network of space stations and connect them with careful logistical planning.
  • Design and build custom battleships, exploration vessels, and cargo haulers.
  • Custom design space stations and network them together using a variety of logistics items and careful planning. Create mega structures like Dyson Spheres and Dark Star Gates to super charge your factory and delve deeper into the unexplored reaches of space.
  • The local Vek aliens aren't happy about your presence in the system. Command a great fleet to defend your factory and expand. Gain access to new abilities depending on your fleet composition and take on your enemies in bullet-hell style combat.
  • Research your way through a massive tech tree.


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About Never Games

Never Games is an American independent game studio founded by Ben Ryding.
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Final Factory Credits

Ben Ryding
Kyle Tinker
Ches Denison
Game design, programming
Zayn Mufti